Vehicles & Parking


All vehicles must be currently licensed, registered, inspected, and in operating condition. No Unit Owner or Tenant shall park, store, or keep anywhere on the Property any commercial type vehicle (for example: dump truck, cement mixer truck; oil or gas truck, delivery truck, pickup truck or van, which by its signage, licensing, equipment, or materials therein or thereon evidences its commercial purpose, whether or not it is currently being used.); and any other vehicular equipment, mobile or otherwise, deemed to be a nuisance by the Board of Directors. Signs and commercial lettering in windows or on the extension of a vehicle will not be permitted on vehicles, automobiles, or trucks. Recreational equipment, recreational vehicles and motor homes (boats, jet skis, trailers, campers, etc.) shall not be parked or stored in the community.

No Unit Owner shall conduct repairs or restorations of any motor vehicle upon any portion of the property. Trucks and vans are permitted to be parked on a temporary basis within the property in connection with the repair or maintenance of a Unit or Association common areas.

Storage of inoperable vehicles is strictly prohibited. In addition, no tarps are allowed on vehicles parked outside of the Owners Unit. Motor-driven recreational vehicles of any kind, including dirt bikes, ATV’s, and snowmobiles are strictly prohibited from being used on any part of the property.

Vehicles may not display “For Sale” signs.

Drivers of motor vehicles must show regard for safety and courtesy. A complete stop at intersection “STOP” signs must be made. A speed limit of fifeen (15) miles per hour is imposed on all streets or any roadway on the condominium property.

Vehicles may be washed curb side, where outside spigots are metered to individual units.

Motorcycles must conform to all rules covering motor vehicles.


Liberty Square Condominium Association owns, maintains and controls Leedom Way as a private road. Parking is difficult in a densely populated community; therefore, everyone’s cooperation is necessary to ensure all roads are clear, providing safe access for Emergency Vehicles at all times.

No parking on the grass or sidewalks.

Motor vehicles will be parked in the designated and appropriate parking area. No motor vehicle will park within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant. Parking is available for one car per unit in front of each unit. Parking for additional cars and guest parking is available in the more remote areas (not in front of the units). Any vehicle routinely parked in condominium property must be registered in the name of a valid owner or lessee or his/her/their immediate family or guest living on the premises and must bear valid inspection stickers. All others will be towed away after good faith inquiries and legal verification procedures have been followed.

Condominium law does not permit assigned parking; however, thought should be given to resident needs. Guests should be  encouraged to park in low priority areas.


Peddle type bicycles will be permitted on paved areas when operated in a proper manner. There will be no reckless operation or racing of bicycles. They will not be used upon any grassy or hilly areas, or in proximity of parked cars.

No outdoor recreational vehicle is to be repaired, transported across, or ridden on a carpeted area of the Common Element. A bicycle rack has been provided for storage outside the condominium building; storage must be outside the building. Security is the responsibility of the owner of the bicycle. Bicycles will not be parked or stored on porches, steps, sidewalks or lawns in front of townhouses.