Fences & Rear Enclosures


  • Top height shall not exceed center reinforcing member of side fence or 3′, whichever is greater.
  • Bottom height should not exceed 6″.
  • Gate width shall not exceed 40″. Gates should swing in toward homeowner’s dwelling.
  • Span between 4′ x 4′ pressure treated posts should not exceed 6 ½’.
  • Enclosure fence shall not exceed 16′ perpendicular from house corner.

Living Fence Guidelines for Townhouses:

The following guidelines are for homeowners who wish to install a living fence instead of a wooden fence behind their unit.

  • Location of a living fence will be the same as a wooden fence.
  • No gate will be permitted, but 40″ entry is required for landscaping.
  • Maximum width 2′ and maximum height 5′.
  • Maintenance of living fence will be the homeowner’s responsibility.