House Numbers & Outdoor Decorations

House Numbers

Only black 3½” individual digits (no window signs, flat metal insignias, stenciled or painted numbers) are allowed.

Exterior Lighting

Any change or addition to the exterior lighting on each home, including deck and landscape lighting, requires prior written approval from the Board of Directors. Only white or clear bulbs are permitted. All exterior lights outside a home must be of the same style.

Decorations/Garden Ornaments

Seasonal decorations or wreaths are permitted to be hung from over-the-door hooks on the front door. Seasonal decorations are to be removed in a timely basis.

On the front steps, entry walks, porches, small planters and decorative items are allowed.

A balcony will have nothing suspended from its ceiling that is not at least 1 (one) foot inside the front edge.

Freestanding flagpoles are not permitted.

No unit owner or occupant will do anything to or upon the Common Element or keep anything in or upon the Common Element which will result in the cancellation of or increase the cost of insurance on any unit or building or the contents thereof or which will be in violation of the law.

Lawn furniture, toys, grills or any possession of an owner or lessee must be in place on a temporary basis, freeing, without prior notice, the Common Element of any obstruction for access or maintenance. The grass must be cleared for mowing at the contractor’s discretion. The solution to clearing the Common Element is the responsibility of the resident. All possessions must fit on the patio or be placed inside the unit. Wading pools and sandboxes are not permitted.

No items shall be attached to any exterior surface of the building.