Storm Doors

  • Full view or Full light design only (lower kick panel must not exceed 14″ in height. Door frame must not exceed 2 ½” on top or sides).
  • Door thickness can range from l ” to 1 ¼” thick.
  • A white enamel finish over aluminum construction only.
  • All glass must be at least 1/8″ thick.
  • All glass and door kick panels must be free of decorative grill work.
  • Expander frames should be used for ease of installation and proper fit (provide a better fit, especially where door dimensions do not remain exact).
  • A black push button latch handle design should be incorporated into the door design (recommend one with a built-in dead bolt lock for extra security).
  • Doors can be either solid core or hollow aluminum construction (solid core is aluminum skin over a high-density wood chipboard core; heavier weight, energy efficient and more rigid construction).
  • Aluminum screening with a charcoal anodized finish for high strength and glare less, see-through properties is recommended.