Architectural Guidelines & Unit Renovations

Exterior changes to the property or alterations to the grounds (including but not limited to, installation of storm door (design only), deck (Newtown Township permit required), fence, enclosure for AC and house numbers) are prohibited, unless prior written approval is received from the Board. All exterior change requests must be submitted in writing to the Management Company. The request must be in sufficient detail to allow the Board to render a decision. Failure to obtain the necessary approval letter from the Board for a requested change will result in the Association requesting areas to be returned to their original condition. While interior
changes and renovations are not affected by this rule, any associated activities that may directly or indirectly impact common and limited common elements require notification to the Association (i.e. storage and use of construction or demolition vehicles and equipment and materials, waste containers, “dumpsters”, etc.) Storage on Association property requires approval. The owner is responsible to obtain any required municipal permits for Association approved alterations.

Any architectural changes made without prior approval will immediately incur a $250 fine against your account, without notice.

Decks & Patios

Owners constructing new or replacement wood or composite material decks or patios MUST receive prior written approval from the Board of Directors. Approval must come in the form of a sketch, plan or diagram showing footings, underside, deck/patio material, partition material and any other pertinent information.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the removal of the deck/patio at the unit owner’s expense.


Homeowners must call the PA One Call System, at 1-800-242-1776, prior to excavating any area. The Commonwealth will then send a representative to mark the location for underground utilities. Homeowners may then dig 18-inches outside
of any marked area.