All Unit Owners are encouraged to water landscaped areas including shrubs, trees and grass (when permissible by county and state water conservation authorities).

Vegetable and fruit bearing plants and trees and vegetable or fruit gardens are not permitted. Small containers of decorative vegetables or fruits are permitted on the Unit Owners deck or patio. No material for such plantings is permitted to grow over the edge of the deck.

Plant beds in front yards may be enhanced at owner discretion with the following limitations: neither annuals nor perennials are to exceed twenty-four (24) inches in height and must be limited to dwarf or low growing varieties; no plants, creeping vines, or ground cover, which will encroach on unacceptable areas, are allowed. Unacceptable areas are sidewalks, lawns, or any area other than the part of the bed that is directly in front of the owner’s unit between the firewalls separating adjacent units, a boundary not defined but assumed by homeowners.

Flower beds, for planting in back yards, will not exceed beyond the original fence and be placed no more than three (3) feet from the original fencing. Fully enclosed rear yards are exempt from the three (3) foot rule for plantings. The plantings will not exceed the height of the adjacent fence; annuals exceeding at maxim growth, twenty-four (24) inches, must be staked. Owners of end units may install plant beds on the open side of the unit not to exceed three (3) feet beyond the foundation (all other planting rules apply).

The owner/occupant tenant is responsible to ensure the flower beds they planted are weed free and for removal of dead foliage.

Planting beds: When the desire for such has passed, must be reseeded or sodded at the expense of the unit owner.