Signs are not permitted, with the following exceptions: STREET; DIRECTORY of Unit Numbers; “FOR SALE BY OWNER”, “FOR RENT BY OWNER”; Realtor “FOR SALE”, Realtor “OPEN HOUSE”, Realtor “FOR RENT”. The following qualifications apply to all signs except STREET and DIRECTORY:

  • Size must not exceed two (2) feet by three (3) feet and must be commercially lettered.
  • The quantity of the signs must not exceed one (1) per unit, placed in a plant bed or window in front of the targeted unit.
  • Signs will be free standing or anchored with metal posts. No 4×4 wooden posts are permitted.
  • Display of sign “FOR RENT” will terminate the day of the lease agreement.
  • Display of sign “FOR SALE” will terminate five (5) days following a signed “Agreement of Sale”.
  • Display of sign “OPEN HOUSE” is limited to placement and removal the day of the open house.

Holiday decorations and special family event decorations are permitted, but limited to the holiday season and/or family event and in any case are not permitted to remain after the season or family event has passed. No displays are permitted on a permanent basis. Decorative banners or windsocks are permitted as long as they are in good taste and of standard size. Displaying the American flag is the exception to the rule.

NOTE: Unauthorized signs will be removed. They will be available for ten (10) days by the swimming pool fence. If not retrieved by the owner in the time frame stated, the signs will be destroyed.